Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Our expertise in executive compensation ranges from preparing short, medium and long-term incentive plans to litigation advice (administrative and judicial), with the objective of reducing risks for our clients. 

We also offer advice on stock option plans (SOP), delivering shares, performance shares, matching shares, restricted share units, phantom shares, partnership, bonuses, awards, and profit-sharing (PLR), among other issues.

Our multidisciplinary assistance focuses on the tax, labor, social security and corporate impacts of executive incentive plans

Our main services

We structure senior executives’ strategic compensation aligning it with the short, medium and long-term objectives of their companies (locally and internationally) via profit-sharing, SOP, long and short-term incentive programs (partnership and restricted shares), among others. We also ensure compensation structures comply with corporate and regulatory requirements, as well as advice on plan migration.

We assess tax, social security and labor risks, as well as the tax and labor costs of the adopted structures, also covering individual employees outside of the formal employment framework.

We offer specialized support in hiring senior executives, such as CEOs and directors, and in preparing benefits and compensation packages for business groups, in addition to support for retaining talent.

We assist with constructing termination agreements for CEOs, directors, board members (and others) via settlement, indemnity, non-competition, non-request and indemnity payment provisions, with assessments of labor, tax, corporate and regulatory risks.

We act in corporate and capital market transactions, providing our expertise in relation to executive compensation matters.

We participate in due diligence processes, focusing on risks related to executive compensation.

We analyze global long-term incentive structures for foreign clients, conducting adequate assessments of risks and specific aspects of Brazilian law. We also advise on Brazilian companies’ implementation of these global structures and their interactions with foreign firms.

We monitor and advise on the Brazilian Federal Revenue’s auditing of remuneration structures, including profit-sharing, share-based programs, bonuses and awards (from both a tax and social security perspective). We also provide administrative defense for tax assessments.

We advise on legal assets and liabilities derived from strategic remuneration instruments, hiring and termination agreements.

Awards and Recognitions

Chambers Brazil – Band 1 in Social Security (2024).

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