Soma talentos

Soma talentos

Mattos Filho was the first full-service Brazilian law firm to establish an affirmative action program for hiring black people. Launched in 2019, the firm’s Soma Talentos program is directed at self-declared black law students. Mattos Filho is also the only law firm in Brazil with job positions exclusively reserved for black lawyers.

As well as gaining firsthand experience in the day-to-day operations of one of Latin America’s most respected law firms, program participants have access to classes and training in English, effective communication and professional etiquette, along with mentoring and meetings on a range of specific themes.

We seek to offer an inclusive work experience and help these professionals maximize their potential in different areas of law, as we believe that providing these opportunities will be beneficial both to society and to our business in the long term.

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The idea behind Soma Talentos (Soma Talents) was born out of discussions within Soma, Mattos Filho’s affinity group for promoting racial equity and combating structural racism in society. Soma develops strategies and initiatives to reduce racial inequality in the legal environment, promoting more inclusive work environments for black professionals, and discussing these issues with the labor market and society. As such, it also produces free legal material content on race-related issues and causes, participates in external forums, and promotes events and debates to raise awareness. Learn more about our other affinity groups.

Diversity and inclusion
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As one of the most respected law full-service firms in Latin America, we practice across more than 40 areas of law, making us the ideal strategic partner for Brazilian and foreign clients. We support social action, promote diversity and inclusion, and conduct initiatives in defense of human rights and access to justice.

Our essence
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With a humanized approach to people management and a focus on caring for our professionals, we have implemented a hybrid work model at the firm, together with other benefits and initiatives that to encourage our professionals' focus on their well-being.

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