Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

For us, diversity is a value based on human rights and the principle of equity. By providing opportunities, promoting inclusion, recognizing different identities and forming teams with diverse makeups, we encourage our people to engage, collaborate and innovate.

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We value plurality and seek to promote an equitable and welcoming work environment. To do so, we organize the program in line with the following pillars:

Created in 2015 as Mattos Filho’s first affinity group, 4Women focuses on women’s careers and professional development. In addition to promoting events, conversations, book clubs, movie debates, and supporting other initiatives, the group prepares and disseminates legal content on the topic of gender equity.

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Launched in 2020, EmFamília is our second gender equality-focused affinity group, which aims to create a culture within our organization that prioritizes parenting and improved work-life balance. The group also promotes more balanced arrangements for dividing parental responsibilities and care between men and women. To this end, it holds debates, events, and parent meetings, and supports the implementation of the firm’s parenting policy.

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Mfriendly was created in 2016 to build a more inclusive work environment for LGBTQIAP+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual and others) people at the firm. The group produces legal material and content related to LGBTQIAP+ issues, which has already had a significant influence on the local legal market, while also hosting events, movie debates and collective mentorships.

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Soma seeks to attract, develop and retain professional black talent via initiatives for overcoming racial inequality both within the firm and the legal sector. Soma runs events to raise awareness about racism and anti-racism, promotes film debates, produces informative content on pertinent racial issues in Brazil, and participates in business forums.

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EmFrente seeks to promote the rights of people with disabilities and improve their visibility within the firm, facilitating their proper inclusion and professional development. EmFrente holds open meetings and events to promote awareness of people with disabilities, improved accessibility in the firm’s communication and offices, and also develops legal content linked to this cause.

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The first affinity group of its kind in Brazil’s legal sector, Lire aims to guarantee professionals’ right to religious freedom and ensures that professionals of different religions are respected in the workplace when practicing their beliefs. Lire encourages dialogue and spreads awareness of different religions in order to end prejudice and discrimination. The group is also open to atheists and agnostics willing to contribute to the debate and expand their knowledge.

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