We believe that in a diverse, democratic society, people need to feel respected and be free to define who they truly are.

The Mfriendly affinity group was formed to promote the rights of LGBTQIAPN+ people at our firm, in the legal market and in society in general.

The group reaffirms its commitment to making our workplace ever more welcoming and inclusive, and to engaging allies in this cause.

As such, we hold debates, create high-quality, informative content, participate in business forums and internal and external communication campaigns, and act to attract, develop, and retain LGBTQIAPN+ talent.

Our members also seek to spread awareness of LGBTQIAPN+ issues throughout Mattos Filho’s network to inspire similar initiatives.

We are very active when it comes to creating content and promoting events. At the same time, we have a very diverse group of professionals, from partners and associates to administrative professionals. I believe this is a very important factor in Mfriendly's popularity and reach.

Luiz Felipe Ferraz, partner – Tax and Mfriendly sponsor
mãos digitando em um notebook sobre a mesa de madeira

Content on LGBTQAIPN+ rights

Considering that access to quality information is an important tool for social transformation and defending fundamental rights, we prepare and distribute free content related to LGBTQAIPN+ rights in Brazil.

bandeira lgbtqiap+ com céu azul ao fundo


Access to information is key to creating awareness. As such, we promote a series of events addressing issues regarding discrimination against our professionals and the community in general.


Paying attention to intersectionality is a fundamental part of our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion program. Mfriendly considers the intersectionality of gender and sexual orientation together with other forms of identity, including race, disability and religion. In order to draw attention to how important these overlapping social identities can be for our professionals in the workplace, we conduct various activities with other affinity groups from the firm’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Program, such as movie debates and book discussions, while also preparing infographics, lectures and episodes of the firm’s Único podcast series.

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