People management

People management

Humanized management as a cornerstone of development

The dedication of our teams to excellence continues to drive us ever further. It spurs us to invest more and more in caring for our professionals, to help them achieve their full potential and grow together with us. We believe that performance and well-being go hand in hand, and thus we promote and manage our people with an individualized approach that meets the specific needs of each professional and streamlines our processes.


We invest in the professional development of both our legal and administrative professionals through a wide range of training programs, subsidizing courses, conducting performance assessments, mentoring programs, and other initiatives.

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Connecting people through our hybrid, flexible work model

We have recently implemented our new hybrid work model as a way of providing more balance in our professionals’ day-to-day life. This model also incorporates policies for taking days off, shortened work hours during certain periods of the year, parental policies and religious freedom, among numerous other initiatives.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Transformation starts from the inside out. Therefore, we continue to develop and support initiatives promoting a more inclusive, equal-opportunity work environment. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program is based on five pillars – gender equity, LGBTQIAP+ rights, racial equity, rights of people with disabilities, and religious freedom – and is supported by the efforts of six different affinity groups.

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