Information Technology and Security

Information Technology and Security

Information security, innovation and technology have always been strategic priorities for us. We have directed important investments to this area in recent years and escalated our digital transformation process.

Aligned with trends in local and international markets, implementing new technologies and platforms has allowed for a greater level of agility and efficiency in our professionals’ daily routines. It has also provided a robust structure to ensure our clients’ information remains secure, private and confidential at all times.

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, a significant shift has occurred in the way we work. With the sudden need for more digital and online solutions, companies that had strategically invested in technology in the years prior – as was our case – reaped the benefits of this decision. We were prepared to quickly set up a robust remote work platform that allowed our professionals to access computers and documents directly from their homes, ensuring that information remained secure and that we could continue to provide our services.

With our new hybrid work model starting in 2022, we have managed to combine the best aspects of on-site work with the convenience of working remotely. The entire technological structure of the firm continues to improve on a constant basis to make this possible, providing the best experience for both professionals and clients.

We are forward-thinking and proactive, constantly anticipating trends to drive business through legal innovation.


The pillars of transformation


Our shift toward digital processes first started in 2013 and is based on three pillars: using technology for developing the business, improving our clients’ online experience, and guaranteeing information security. In 2017, we became the first full-service law firm in Brazil to implement cloud computing. From then on, we added new systems and applications, such as an exclusive portal for client events, while implementing improvements to our CRM platform to provide faster, more efficient service and reinforce our strategic connections with specific audiences.


End-to-end security


Our culture is based on the highest information security certification standards, with robust governance for data protection, risk prevention measures and a well-defined action plan for specific situations. The firm has an ongoing training program to update professionals about data security protocols and how to handle sensitive information.


Brazilian General Data Protection Law – LGPD


Taking effect in 2020, the LGPD symbolized a cultural shift in Brazil toward collecting and processing information. Given our office in London and the similarities between the LGPD and the GDPR in Europe (in effect since 2016), we took preemptive action to strengthen our security processes, which meet the highest and most rigorous standards today.

ISO27001 certification

We continue to invest in initiatives, training and improvements that bring us up to date with the best market practices for protecting data that is essential to our business and that of third parties. As a result of our efforts, we have been granted ISO27001 certification, an international standard that recognizes companies with stable and mature information security practices and processes.

2022 Annual Report

The 13th edition of its Annual Report, a publication that outlines the firm’s key initiatives in 2022. The report highlights Mattos Filho’s brand repositioning in marking its 30th anniversary, providing details on efforts related to people management, diversity, equity and inclusion, local and international operations, as well as business, innovation, and technology initiatives.

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