Jovens Talentos

Jovens Talentos

Attracting and developing new talent is fundamental to the future of our business. The Jovens Talentos (Young Talents) program, created in 2015, selects law students for internship positions in the São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasília and Campinas offices in a single multidisciplinary process.

The program lasts two years, offers an environment with many opportunities and encourages innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. All trainees go through training and a series of workshops and follow-ups with our Human Development area to develop their careers and potentially become a lawyer in the firm.

Connecting people through our hybrid, flexible work model

The Young Talents Program is aimed at students seeking to work with purpose, learn and maximize their potential inside an innovative and excellent firm like Mattos Filho. We know that we can only achieve our success by creating opportunities for everyone, including younger people. Besides having the experience of working in different areas of law with some of the most renowned lawyers in the legal market, the students can participate in social initiatives that the firm promotes. Here, your talent really makes a difference!

With a humanized approach to people management and a focus on caring for our professionals, we have implemented a hybrid work model at the firm, together with other benefits and initiatives that to encourage our professionals' focus on their well-being.

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The Jovens Talentos Program was unlike what I expected from a conventional internship program. It exposed me to subjects beyond the legal area I was practicing in, immersing the other program participants and me in debate sessions, classes, lectures, and events directed specifically for newcomers at the firm, which covered highly diverse themes with different people, including the firm’s founding partners.

Leonardo Pereira Lourenço de Oliveira, associate – Capital Markets practice

Participating in the Jovens Talentos program was a privilege, especially thinking about the continuous development that the program provided me at the beginning of my career as a young professional. Since the selection process and my formal induction into the firm, I have been encouraged to think outside the box, in an interdisciplinary, integrated way across different areas of law.

Amanda Casseb Reis Ramos, associate – Tax practice

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