We believe it is possible to provide the same career opportunities for everyone, respecting each professional's specific characteristics.

EmFrente is Mattos Filho’s affinity group for promoting the rights and visibility of people with disabilities, facilitating their proper inclusion and professional development. It seeks to further include people from this demographic in the firm, the legal market and society, as well as engage potential allies with this cause.

We conduct a range of activities to attract, develop, and retain professionals with disabilities, valuing their contributions to our business to achieve our aims. Moreover, we create informative content and support and conduct initiatives to increase accessibility at our offices and in our communication and training, so as to provide the best possible experience for our professionals. Group meetings feature translators and sign language interpreters, along with other resources that facilitate the participation of all professionals with disabilities.

Mattos Filho really looks at the person, prioritizing their education and expertise over any questions of disability. Regardless of whether a person has any form of disability, they can develop their career at this firm, which is great. I started out as an administrative assistant through the firm's quota program, and a year later, I was hired full-time because they trusted in my work and my ability.

Camila Rolim, Marketing assistant and member of EmFrente

There are various types and degrees of disability. Some people say, 'I only have a slight disability,' but even in this case, it often has a psychological impact on some level. Only when they actually state that they have a disability do they feel empowered and join the cause. This is how I got involved and started participating in EmFrente.

Samuel Castro, associate – Infrastructure & Energy and EmFrente member
mãos de pessoas diferentes se cruzam

Multidisciplinary Group

To include people with disabilities in our work environment as effectively as possible, we have created a multidisciplinary team with one representative from each section of our Human Development area. The team promotes structural and procedural accessibility initiatives to continue improving the experience of our professionals, clients, partners and suppliers.

Social Inclusion Business Network (REIS)

Mattos Filho is a member of the Social Inclusion Business Network (REIS), an ILO-ratified movement in Brazil that seeks to create more inclusive work environments for people with disabilities. REIS assists us in learning about and sharing best practices for a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Booklet on the Rights of People with Disabilities

To increase the visibility of people with disabilities and contribute to a more inclusive society, we have released a booklet outlining and explaining the rights of people with disabilities in Brazil. This publication covers matters related to healthcare, education, housing, work, mobility, transportation, social assistance and social security, culture, sports, tourism, leisure, accessibility, information, communication, as well as tax benefits and participation in public and political life. The full publication is available to read in Portuguese.

Available in Portuguese, the full publication is available to read here.

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