Promoting an equal-opportunity professional development environment for diverse men and women

Committed to promoting gender equality and fighting inequality in the rights and opportunities available to men and women. Created in 2015 as Mattos Filho’s first affinity group, 4Women discusses, supports and carries out initiatives focused on the careers of women and their professional development, while also considering questions of intersectionality and engagement with male allies.

The group holds debate cycles, prepares high-quality, informative content, participates in business forums and supports internal and external communication campaigns. It also supports the firm’s Human Development area in creating policies and measures to attract, develop, and retain professional female talent. One particularly important initiative regards training courses on topics related to gender equality – some of which are mandatory for all professionals – covering themes such as fighting unconscious bias, eliminating workplace harassment and legal strategies for confronting violence against women.

4Women allows for new thinking, based upon our professionals reflecting and exchanging perspectives on gender equality. Beyond changing our own work environment, our professionals inspire other women outside the firm to reflect on their lives and careers and become agents of social change.

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We have supported HeForShe since 2015, a movement for gender equality led by UN Women. Its main objectives are to encourage the participation of men in the fight against gender inequality and expand dialogue on women’s rights.

The Women 360 Movement

Mattos Filho has participated in this business forum since 2018, which takes a 360-degree approach to economically empowering Brazilian women, especially by promoting the progress of related business policies and practices, as well as the engagement of the business community and society in general with this topic.

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4Women Book Club

With a view to creating another space to reflect on women’s issues, 4Women runs a book club to encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas among our professionals, and to engage more gender equality allies. Open to the entire firm, the book club discusses gender-related and feminist matters each month with the support of theoretical and fictional reading material. The selection of books includes many black female authors and books about the lives and experiences of black women, as well as books written by diverse women or that address issues of intersectionality.


EmFamília, our second gender equality-focused affinity group, aims to create a culture within our organization that prioritizes parenting and improved work-life balance. The group also promotes more balanced arrangements for dividing parental responsibilities and care between men and women, as well as responsible fatherhood. EmFamília also addresses the various forms of family and kinship structures – whether biological, adoptive, or affective – and primary and secondary caregivers.


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