Promoting religious freedom in the workplace assists in attracting and retaining talented professionals

In providing for the fundamental rights of citizens, Article 5 of Brazil’s Federal Constitution states that freedom of conscience and belief are inviolable rights, while freedom of religion is also guaranteed by law. In consideration of these rights, in 2020, we created the Lire affinity group to promote a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming work environment for people of different religions.

By establishing a specific religious freedom policy, the firm guarantees professionals’ right to religious freedom and ensures that professionals of different religions are respected when practicing their beliefs. Lire also shares information to end prejudice and religious intolerance, encouraging dialogue and respect for all religions so that everyone may feel free to follow their beliefs and traditions. Lire is also open to atheists and agnostics willing to contribute to the debate and expand their knowledge.

We want people to comfortably practice their religion however they please, without the firm interfering in any manner. The affinity group's purpose is to create a favorable environment that allows this to happen and attract and retain talented professionals who place value on their religious beliefs.

Claudio Oksenberg, partner – Corporate/M&A, and Lire sponsor

Lire allows people to feel comfortable participating in an open dialogue about religion with managers and colleagues, and more importantly, it encourages debate about the social role of religious freedom. The group can also serve as an inspiration for other large companies that have yet to create internal policies addressing the issue.

Isadora Reis, paralegal and Lire member
mão segurando um tablet que mostra calendário de datas religiosas

Religious Freedom Policy

The main initiative of this pillar of Mattos Filho's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program is its Religious Freedom Policy, which allows interested professionals to take time off work to commemorate religious dates or participate in one-off or recurring events linked to their religious beliefs.

Informative content

Considering that access to quality information is an important tool for social transformation and defending fundamental rights, Lire develops and freely distributes material on the issue of religious freedom in Brazil and worldwide.

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Access to information is key to creating awareness, overcoming prejudice and eliminating unconscious bias. As such, we promote a series of events on different religions featuring religious experts and leaders, creating opportunities for reflection and exchanging ideas.

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