Agribusiness Law

Agribusiness Law

Our team brings together specialists in Agribusiness Law, covering legal issues across the entire Agribusiness sector. With a wide-ranging experience in transactional, regulatory, tax litigation and civil litigation issues involving many of Brazil’s largest Agribusiness companies, we are in an ideal position to offer innovative and customized solutions to rural producers, cooperatives and all other players in the industry.

Mattos Filho's solid performance in Agribusiness, through a group of partners dedicated to the sector, provides to the entire Agribusiness production chain assertive and customized legal solutions to the needs of the industry.

Our main products and services

Legal consulting on environmental issues;

Advice on regularization and complying with environmental standards;

Environmental, administrative, and judicial litigation;

Legal solutions for achieving carbon neutrality;

Payments for Environmental Services (PSA);

Advice on environmental licensing, contaminated areas and climate change issues.

Representation of clients in business-related judicial and arbitration disputes;

Pre-litigation advice, including mediation, conciliation, and dispute boards;

Representation in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

Private financing through agribusiness bonds (CPR; CDCA; CDA/WA; LCA);

Structuring sophisticated securitization transactions through CRAs, synthetic bonds, FIDC and Agribusiness investment funds (FIAGRO);

Export financing;


Complex barter transactions;

Monetizing carbon credits.

Establishing associations and foundations;

Consultation on family business and corporate governance mechanisms;

Drafting agreements between quotaholders or shareholders to regulate family and business relationships;

Comprehensive support with succession and estate planning.

Purchasing and selling rural properties;

Purchasing and selling biological assets;

Complex leasing and rural partnership contracts;

Foreign investment in rural production and timberlands.

Consultation on regulatory issues with public authorities linked to the agribusiness sector (ANS; MME; ANEEL; ANTAQ; SISCOMEX);

Legal and regulatory advisory on inputs and products related to the agribusiness production chains vis-à-vis the applicable regulation issued by relevant agencies like MAPA, ANVISA, CTNBio, etc.;

Assistance with contracts typically seen within the sector, such as supply, distribution, research and development, licensing, partnership, and field trial contracts;

Representation in administrative proceedings with the MAPA, ANVISA, Federal Police, and other related authorities and agencies;

Advice on public or private contracts, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and partnerships with academic and research entities.

Corporate reorganizations;

Improving corporate governance;

Acquisitions, business combinations and joint ventures;

Corporate litigation.

Tax planning and consulting;

Administrative and judicial tax litigation.

Awards and Recognitions

Chambers Brazil – Agribusiness (2018 – 2023).

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