Energy Transition

Energy Transition

We advise companies engaged in energy transition, energy-intensive sectors seeking to decarbonize, and electricity sector companies – as well as their investors, financiers and service providers – with a focus on developing new energy sources and associated technologies. Our expert team comprises energy, financing, transaction, contract, litigation, tax and sustainability specialists – including experts in ESG integration strategies. We assist in structuring and conducting biofuel, natural gas, biogas and hydrogen projects, as well as clean or renewable energy generation and distribution projects, and in developing and applying new technologies associated with the sector.

Our collaborative approach allows us to harness the expertise of the professionals most specialized in the various areas required for our clients' energy transition processes.

Our main services

We assist in acquiring and selling energy sector companies and their assets, and in incorporating and merging these companies – including preparing audit reports and contracts to purchase shares or other assets and shareholders’ agreements.

We assist in developing, structuring, preparing and negotiating contracts related to the exploration, distribution, sale, import and export of fuels such as hydrogen, biofuels and natural gas, as well as renewable energy (such as wind and solar) projects and clean energy (such as nuclear) projects.

We assist in preparing projects and contracts associated with implementing and developing energy transition technologies such as carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies (CCUS), battery energy storage systems (BESS) and new electricity and fuel production technologies (such as hydrogen and biomethane).

We advise on transactions to finance construction projects for platforms, refineries, onshore and offshore wind plants, solar and nuclear power plants, other power generators, gas pipelines, hydrogen and biogas production plants, as well as other major works in the sector.

We assist in dealing with competent bodies to set up and register new companies in Brazil, and participating in the IPOs of companies engaged in energy transition – including preparing audit reports and offers and registering offers with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

We provide legal assistance throughout the bidding process for concessions to develop fuel projects for energy transition and energy generation from renewable sources.

We continuously monitor potential changes to energy sector regulations in Brazil and interactions with regulatory bodies – especially in regard to the regulation of fuels associated with energy transition, such as natural gas, hydrogen, biofuels and low carbon fuels (LCF), as well as the regulation of wind, solar and nuclear energy and new technologies used in the sector.

We assist with defining integration, communication, and evaluation strategies for ESG criteria and ESG-related impacts. We monitor and advise on Brazilian and international regulations, licensing for greenfield projects or project changes, including interactions with traditional and indigenous communities, compliance with regulatory requirements and advice on implementing corporate strategies related to climate change, green finance and carbon project structuring for voluntary and regulated markets. We also represent clients in administrative and legal proceedings related to a highly diverse range of socio-environmental and climate issues.

We advise companies in energy-intensive sectors such as transport and logistics on adopting low carbon fuels (LCF) and carbon sequestration technologies. We also advise on other measures to ensure companies in sectors such as aviation, shipping and heavy industries can transition and meet sector-specific decarbonization targets.

Awards and Recognitions

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Chambers Brazil – Law Firm of the Year – Oil & Gas (2023 – 2024);

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The Legal 500 – Energy (2013 – 2023);

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AIEN – International Energy Summit: Networking & Awards. Venture of the Year: Global (2023).

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