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Maricí Giannico

Maricí Giannico
+55 61 3218 6018 marici.giannico@mattosfilho.com.br Brasília

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Maricí specializes in civil and commercial litigation, with extensive experience acting in Brazil’s higher courts. She applies her expertise in energy sector regulations to administrative and judicial litigation and to advising companies in complex disputes.


Maricí has taught Civil Procedure Law at the University of Brasília since 2017. She has been a member of the Brazilian Institute of Procedural Law since 2001, and is also a member of the Brasiliense Association of Civil Procedural Law and the Federal District chapter Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-DF).


Bachelor of Laws – Universidade de São Paulo

Master’s in Civil Procedure Law, Universidade de São Paulo

Doctorate in Civil Procedure Law, Universidade de São Paulo


Análise Advocacia – Civil (2018, 2020-2021), Healthcare Plans (2020) and Federal District (2018-2021)

Análise Advocacia Mulher – Civil (2021), Healthcare plans (2021) and Federal District (2021)

Análise Advocacia Mulher – Civil (2022), Electric Energy (2022), Healthcare Plans (2022) and UF – Federal District (2022)

Chambers Latin America – Dispute Resolution: Centre West (2018-2020)

Latin Lawyer 250 – Litigation (2019)

Who’s Who Legal Global – Litigation: Future Leaders (2019)

Who’s Who Legal Brazil – Commercial Litigation (2021)

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Next steps of the Provisional Measure that amends the Brazilian General Data Protection Law

On December 28, 2018, the President enacted Provisional Measure No. 869 of 2018 (“PM“), which amends certain provisions of Law No. 13,709 of 2018 (known in Portuguese as Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados or “LGPD“), including the deadline for companies to become compliant with the LGPD, which was extended to August 2020. The PM shall be converted into law so that its effects and amendments are maintained.

Currently, the text approved at the Joint Committee is at the Plenary of the House of Representatives, pending to be voted. If approved, it will continue for Senate analysis. In case of substantial changes by the Senate, the text should return to the House, which will assess these changes. If the Senate approves it without amendments, the text will be sent to the President Sanction procedure.

Please click here for detailed information on this procedure.

If the text approved at the Joint Committee is not voted by the Plenary of both House and Senate until June 3rd, 2019, the Provisional Measure will lose its effects and the deadline for adaptation to the Brazilian General Data Protection Law will return to February 20th, 2020, among other changes.

Areas of expertise

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