Government Relations

Government Relations

We consider the political and regulatory scenario to provide qualified legal advice on bills and legislation, focusing on providing our clients with unique, innovative services. We observe the highest standards in relation to compliance, transparency, formality, and technicality.

Our multidisciplinary team works together with other practices to evaluate proposed legislation regarding the environment, litigation, tax, civil society organizations, data protection, health and infrastructure (including energy, oil and gas).

We apply legal reasoning and strategies to assist different sectors with legislative processes and relationships with public bodies, especially in Brazil's capital

Our main services

We suggest amendments to legal texts and advise on significant issues related to the subjects under discussion. Our team also works with regulations, government programs and public policies, while developing legal positions for a wide array of sectors based on perspectives from several areas of law, as well as comparative law.

We represent our clients’ interests with discussions with the public sector, presenting regulatory and legal impacts in regard to legislation.

We monitor the scenario in Brazil’s Legislative and Executive branches, analyzing relevant issues in Congress, the progress of discussions and the players involved. We also monitor the agendas of public bodies in the Executive branch, such as regulatory agencies.

We conduct interdisciplinary analysis of legislative proposals’ underlying regulatory risks, and provide suggestions for international agreements and regulatory changes under discussion with the Executive Branch. We also evaluate the regulatory scenario in order to set strategies and propose improvements to texts under discussion, in line with demands from highly diverse economic niches.

We offer specialized criminal law counseling in CPIs (parliamentary investigation committees), also assisting clients with coordinating their actions before parliament and public agencies.

Assistance in preparing and signing international agreements with the Brazilian government and representation in trade missions.

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Awards and Recognitions

The Legal 500 – City Focus: Brasilia – Government Relations (2022).

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