Environmental Law & Climate Change

Environmental Law & Climate Change

Our innovative legal solutions are designed to minimize risks and ensure compliance with environmental regulations while still identifying the best business opportunities. The practice’s multidisciplinary team anticipates clients’ needs, supporting them via a range of strategic approaches.

With a keen eye on climate change issues, we help clients across all sectors mitigate risks and comply with environmental regulations

Our main services

We represent clients in judicial, administrative, investigative and disciplinary proceedings and advise on dispute resolution strategies. We prepare administrative defenses, a wide range of statements, and analyze expert opinions and third-party technicians.

Our specialists assist with complex processes for licensing business activities enterprises. Through comprehensive analysis of technical studies, we plan and implement social, environmental and cultural programs, environmental management systems (EMS), and participate in public hearings. We also interact with different environmental licensing authorities and other related stakeholders on behalf of clients.

We offer legal support in promoting territorial governance, social engagement, and the conciliation of social, environmental and cultural conflicts – especially those linked to traditional communities and cultural heritage (such as free, prior and informed consultation for indigenous communities). We also appraise ecosystem services via legal and economic instruments, such as the Payment for Environmental Services (PSA).

We advise on complex cases and managing contaminated areas and assist clients with environmental audits. Our team assesses contractual and extra-contractual environmental liabilities for real estate purchases and sales, and provides advice on real estate investment funds for property valuation. We also design action plans to comply with legislation and reduce environmental risks, liabilities and contingencies.

We represent clients before public agencies in regard to implementing the National Solid Waste Policy (Federal Law No. 12,305/2010). We can offer strategies for negotiation and litigation, structured agreements and recommendations for compliance with legal requirements related to post-consumer waste management. Our strategic advice covers the development of circular economy projects and innovative reverse logistics systems, including stakeholder mapping and interaction with competent entities.

We provide advice on biodiversity, forests, and water resources, identifying opportunities for sustainable business development, environmental service payments, and low-carbon programs. We also support our clients’ compliance with Brazil’s Forestry Code, including registering with the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), developing and executing Degraded Area Recovery Plans (Prad), as well as converting administrative fines into environmental services.

We assist with preparing strategies and structuring frameworks for complying with legislation on accessing genetic heritage and associated traditional knowledge (CTA). Our team also conducts legal auditing of supply chains and negotiates and prepares benefit-sharing contracts with traditional communities and commitment terms with the Brazilian government.

We consult on and monitor issues related to atmospheric emissions, climate change and REDD+, advising on projects from their very inception until their carbon credits are available on the market. We also monitor local and international regulatory trends, strategically assessing potential impacts on our clients’ business. In line with standards such as VCS, CCB and Gold Standard, we conduct due diligence on carbon projects, and negotiate, draft and review carbon credit purchase and sale agreements for the regulated and voluntary markets.

We assist with analyzing and reducing environmental risks related to mergers, acquisitions and capital transactions in the financial market, as well as with issuing green bonds.

We provide responsibility risk analysis in line with Brazilian Central Bank credit facility requirements for both companies and financial institutions. Our team carries out due diligence, drafts and reviews social, environmental and climate policies and other applicable documents for financial institutions. We offer strategic advice on current environmental and climate legislation, local and international regulatory trends, and compliance with public authorities.

We represent a diverse range of companies in the sector, especially in regard to advisory and litigation for oil and gas companies conducting upstream, midstream and downstream activities, and energy companies focused on renewable sources, distribution and transmission. We also structure, draft, and negotiate agreements for distributing environmental liability, and provide environmental licensing support for infrastructure projects with a focus on stakeholder mapping, social sensitivity assessments and interacting with competent entities.

Awards and Recognitions

Chambers Brazil – Environment (2009 – 2023);

Latin Lawyer 250 – Environment (2013 – 2024);

The Legal 500 – Environment (2012 – 2024).

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