Social Impact & Philanthropy

Social Impact & Philanthropy

We were the first Brazilian full-service law firm to create a practice area exclusively dedicated to advising non-profit organizations. For over 20 years, our team has been committed to handling matters regarding philanthropy and initiatives related to social impact and transformation for a wide array of organizations.

We closely monitor and drive developments within the sector, offering innovative and secure legal solutions to non-profit organizations and companies engaging in corporate social responsibility initiatives, especially related to areas such as education, healthcare, promotion and defense of rights, as well as culture, environment, and human rights. Moreover, we support families in planning their projects for social private investments. In the impact economy field, we work customizing businesses, investment funds, and specific socio-environmental bonds, among other services.

Our Social Impact & Philanthropy practice also harnesses the firm’s full-service model to meet specific demands in areas such as Intellectual Property, Data Privacy, Compliance, and Labor, tailoring these demands to the realities of our non-profit clients.

Our team's expertise allows it to provide philanthropic organizations and advance social impact initiatives with innovative and secure legal solutions

Our main services

We assist in establishing non-profit organizations and support clients in defining robust governance structures and associated responsibilities. We also handle and advise on non-profit corporate restructuring matters, including mergers, spin-offs, and transformations.

Our tax advisory services take the intricacies of immunity and exemption regimes into account, as well as tax incentives for fundraising (including changes resulting from Brazil’s tax reforms). We also oversee processes and procedures to ensure clients stay within the appropriate tax regime, and represent the clients’ interests when facing potential tax inquiries or investigations from tax authorities.

We undertake regulatory analysis of legal provisions and assist organizations in obtaining government-granted qualifications, such as the Certification of Charitable Entities (Cebas) and the titles of Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (Oscip) and Social Organization (OS), among others.

We conduct preventive due diligence covering corporate, tax, contractual, and regulatory aspects related to the legal realities of non-profit organizations.

Our team advises on drafting and reviewing contractual agreements, including private contracts or partnerships with public authorities. We also offer support in reporting the management of public funding, advising on accountability procedures in relation to controlling agencies.

We assist in developing corporate social responsibility projects within the business context, as well as private social investment projects within the family sphere. We ensure social investments are aligned with clients’ intentions while protecting the founding company, group, or family’s interests.

We advise on the development of tools and activities that promote organizations’ long-term financial sustainability, especially in structuring endowment funds (including under the provisions of Law No. 13,800/2019).

We specialize in structuring businesses, initiatives, and projects for the impact economy (including impact businesses and impact investment funds). Our approach combines existing market structures with newly created models.

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