Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Our Data Protection & Cybersecurity team supports clients in complying with legal regulations governing personal data privacy and protection, including the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and sector regulations applicable to specific market segments. We take a multidisciplinary approach to assisting clients with compliance matters, creating customized legal solutions that enable innovative data-driven products and services. 

We also advise on preventive and repressive information security measures, including cybersecurity matters.

We provide advice on adapting to data protection regulations and protecting against cyber risks, enabling new business opportunities

Products and services

We assist with and consult on data flows, gap analysis and recommendations for adapting to the LGPD. We also draft and review internal and external policies, contractual instruments, terms of consent, data protection impact reports, and legitimate interest tests. We can assist you in developing data governance practices and in appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO), while our specialists also advise on internal and external practices to meet the rights of data subjects.

We assist with educational material focused on privacy, data protection, and information security issues for employees, service providers, and other collaborators and conduct internal training according to the interests and needs of each client.

We assist with international data flows and transfers, checking for any possible restrictions and need for adaptation, as well as drafting and reviewing contracts, clauses, codes and binding corporate standards to ensure data flows and transfers.

We support data-driven product and service development by implementing privacy-by-design approaches and proposing solutions for secure and legitimate monetization of information, considering ethical and applicable legal requirements.

We assist with developing preventive information security measures, including legal support in audits, training with simulated cybersecurity incidents, preparing incident response plans and assisting in contracting cyber insurance. We can also support your company in creating internal processes to respond appropriately to incidents before data subjects and authorities.

We provide immediate assistance with security incident investigations, including recommendations for corrective measures, support in crisis management in the media and the market, analyzing if there is a need to notify authorities and data subjects, and drafting reviewing relevant documents.

We defend your company’s interests before Brazilian inspection and regulatory authorities in relation to alleged non-compliance with data privacy and protection regulations, as well as in individual and collective lawsuits on the matter.

We analyze and advise on complying with foreign legislation (including the European Union’s GDPR), working together with foreign offices in a one-stop-shop format. We also examine whether personal data processing policies, procedures, and practices in other countries or economic blocs — such as the United States or members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) group are compatible with Brazilian legislation.

Awards and Recognitions

Chambers Brazil – Technology and Telecommunications (2014 2018);

Chambers Brazil – Data Protection (2022 2023);

Chambers Brazil – Telecommunications (2019 2023);

Chambers Brazil – Technology (2019 2023);

Chambers Brazil – Data Protection (2022 2023);

Latin Lawyer 250 – Intellectual property (2015 – 2024);

Latin Lawyer 250 – Technology (2015 – 2019);

Latin Lawyer 250 – Data, tecnology and privacy law (2019 – 2024);

The Legal 500 – TMT: Cybersecurity and Data privacy (2019 – 2023);

The Legal 500 – TMT: Cybersecurity and data privacy (2019 – 2024);​

The Legal 500 – TMT: Tech, innovation and digital business (2019 – 2024);​

The Legal 500 – TMT: Telecoms (2019 – 2024);​

The Legal 500 – TMT: Media (2022 – 2024);​

The Legal 500 – TMT: Technology, media and telecoms (2013 – 2018);

Chambers Brazil Awards – Law Firm of the Year: Data Protection (2022 – 2024)​​.

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