Compliance & Corporate Ethics

Compliance & Corporate Ethics

Our team is experienced in assisting clients with all types of compliance and corporate ethics matters. We support our clients in complying with legislation, assessing their practices and the risks involved, as well as in developing corporate integrity procedures.

We advise our clients on compliance, due diligence, sanctions proceedings, negotiating agreements and other matters concerning integrity and corporate ethics

Our main services

We assess whether our clients’ practices comply with the applicable laws, regulations and internal policies. We also support our clients with developing integrity and training procedures.

We assess contractual and corporate governance obligations, as well as due diligence and government inspection-related information (and related policies) that should be disclosed to capital markets.

We assist with procedures for compliance with anti-corruption practices and assessment of external risks involved in corporate transactions. We also represent boards of directors, managing committees and companies, conducting internal anti-corruption and anti-fraud due diligence and analysis of other forms of misconduct prevention.

We represent clients in administrative inquiries and sanctions proceedings, and also negotiate leniency, non-prosecution and other related agreements.

We analyze criminal risks and represent companies, executives and employees in criminal inquiries and proceedings, including in negotiations with government authorities for immunity, non-prosecution and cooperation agreements.

We represent clients in proceedings involving anti-money laundering legislation, and support our clients with developing and revising anti-money laundering programs.

Awards and Recognitions

Chambers Brazil – Compliance (2018 – 2024);

Chambers Brazil – Crisis Management (2022 2023);

Chambers Global – Compliance (2018 2023);

Global Investigations Review – GIR 100 (2016 – 2020; 2022 – 2023);

Latin Lawyer 250 – Anti-Corruption Investigations and Compliance (2017 – 2024);

Latin Lawyer 250 – Deal of the Year: For corporate governance and disclosure issues in Brazil in connection with an internal investigation and resulting settlement (2017)​;

The Legal 500 – Compliance (2019 2024);

The Legal 500 Awards – Compliance firm of the year (2024).

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