Charities, Social Business & Human Rights

Charities, Social Business & Human Rights

We offer legal support to non-profit entities (associations and foundations) across several areas, such as education, health, social assistance, culture, the environment and human rights.  

In addition, we assist companies that invest in social responsibility, providing complete advice on structuring and optimizing their activities in this regard. Together with the firm’s ESG practice, our team members are experts in social matters, especially on issues concerning diversity and human rights in the corporate sphere.

Our experienced team provides innovative advice to non-profits and organizations working with social responsibility and human rights

Our main services

  • Corporate: We advise on forming associations and private foundations, corporate reorganizations, structuring endowment funds and other mechanisms intended to facilitate the entities’ long-term sustainability. We also assist with managing corporate activities, the implementation and structuring of corporate governance mechanisms, as well as anti-corruption legislation and preventive due diligence.


  • Tax: We advise on the ideal tax framework for each entity (whether immunity or exemption) and guide clients in making the best possible use of tax benefits. We also represent clients before government bodies responsible for implementing tax benefits, consult on administrative proceedings, and prepare defenses and appeals before municipal, state and federal bodies.

  • Financing: We provide tax benefit guidance and planning, such as in regard to Brazil’s Cultural Incentive Laws. We also assist with developing contractual instruments necessary for making tax incentives viable before the public authorities and private institutions, and advise on the developing activities that generate revenue for long-term financial sustainability.


  • Regulatory matters: We offer guidance for obtaining government-granted qualifications, such as the Certification of Charitable Social Assistance Entities (Cebas), Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (Oscip) and Social Organization (OS), while we also represent clients before public bodies, such as the Ministry of Citizenship (MC) and Ministry of Education (ME). Moreover, we provide counsel on Brazil’s Regulatory Framework for Civil Society Organizations (MROSC) and assist with preparing and negotiating contracts and partnerships with public authorities (management agreements, terms of cooperation, terms of promotion and collaboration), managing public funding and advising on accountability procedures before controlling agencies.

We advise on developing private social investment projects, structuring social businesses and developing impact investing funds, as well as structuring impact business models and endowments.

We provide advice for companies looking to develop or strengthen their social responsibility and sustainability departments. We also assist with implementing diversity and corporate human rights practices, crisis management, training, preventive human rights due diligence, drafting codes of conduct and internal policies, among others.

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