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Mattos Filho elects new managing partner​

Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados has appointed José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz as managing partner after former head Roberto Quiroga decided not to seek a third term after six years on the job.

Roberto Quiroga and José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz

ambis.jpgRoberto Quiroga and José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz

Queiroz, 44, begins his role today after tri-annual elections were held at the firm last month. He will serve alongside newly elected managerial and executive committees.

Queiroz takes the top job from Quiroga, 54, who became Mattos Filho's managing partner in 2009. During his time at the helm, Quiroga introduced sweeping changes to Mattos Filho's partnership model, favouring a more egalitarian structure in which all partners had the same number of votes in managerial elections and are eligible for the same positions, regardless of their age or reputation. A revamped managing board and eight-lawyer executive committee was established in the shake-up. Mattos Filho's compensation model was also overhauled under Quiroga; rather than paying partners according to their individual performance alone, profits were distributed from a single pool to encourage a greater sense of corporate identity and boost cross-selling.

Queiroz says he has no plans to alter the governance model developed under Quiroga and credits his colleague's changes for helping him reach his current position. "I started here as a law student – I think that sends an important message about our firm today," he says.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given his rapid rise through the ranks, Queiroz highlights career progression as an important aspect of the strategy he hopes to pursue. "[While] we don't see potential change to our overall strategy – what we do see is that we can still grow, bring people here, and develop a career for them," he says. Queiroz will also target practice areas he believes are well-positioned to grow or in need of support. He lists labour, real estate, information technology and litigation as investment priorities in addition to the firm's Rio de Janeiro office as a whole.

Meanwhile Quiroga, who will continue to sit on the executive committee and head the firm's well-respected tax practice, believes the changes during his time as managing partner have successfully fostered a more meritocratic environment, although he says there is still room for improvement. "We must continue to emphasise the concept that managerial positions are relevant as a tool to move the firm towards its goals, but they should not be viewed as something that makes the occupants more important or relevant than the other partners," he says.

Quiroga leaves Mattos Filho substantially larger than when he took on the job. The firm has added 27 lawyers to its bench and made 11 laterals hires to partnership between 2009 and today.

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