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National Energy Policy Council establishes new bid rounds

Infrastructure and Energy
​The Ministry of Mines and Energy announced that the 15th bid round for exploration and production of oil under the concession regime and the 4th bid round for areas under the production-sharing regime are expected to occur, respectively, on March 29 and June 7, 2018. An extraordinary meeting of the National Energy Policy Council (Conselho Nacional de Política Energica – “CNPE”) approved both bid rounds this Thursday, November 9.

The 15th bid round will offer 70 blocks: 49 offshore blocks at the Ceará, Potiguar, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos basins; the other 21 blocks being onshore in the Paraná and Parnaíba basins. The 4th bid round includes the Três Marias, Dois Irmãos, Uirapuru, Saturno and Itaimbezinho blocks, located in the Campos and Santos basins, within the pre-salt Polygon. In accordance with the current regulations, Petrobras must express its interest in acting as operator of the five areas within 30 days as from the publication of the CNPE resolution in the Federal Official Gazette (Diário Oficial da União – “DOU”).

The government maintained the percentages for local content established for the bid rounds held earlier this year. For onshore blocks, the minimum percentage for global mandatory local content will be 50% for the exploration phase and 50% for the development phase. For offshore blocks, the minimum percentage for global mandatory local content will be 18% for the exploration phase. For the development phase, the percentages will be: 25% for well construction; 40% for the production collection and outflow system and 25% for the oil platform.

The CNPE postponed until 2019 the offer of blocks at Foz do Amazonas in order to conclude the environmental licensing process for the blocks awarded in the 11th bid round. The offer of the blocks located in the Pernambuco-Paraíba basin was also postponed until 2019, in order to gather more technical data on these areas. 

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