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ANP Resolution No. 20/2016

Infrastructure and Energy

ANP Resolution No. 20/2016

New Resolution consolidates the criteria for neutralizing weight in local content obligations

On May 4, 2016, the Brazilian Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency, (Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis – “ANP”), enacted Resolution No. 20/2016 (the "Resolution"), which establishes provisions to allow concessionaires to neutralize the variation of weight for certain local content obligations.

Since the 7th ANP Bid Round, participants must prop​ose certain weight for specific local content items and sub-items, which will finally result in a global local content commitment. However, it is possible that the weight initially proposed for the purposes of the bid end up being different to what is actually achieved by the concessionaire later, when concluding its investment obligations.

In this regard, the Resolution regulates the criteria and provides a mathematical equation in order to allow the neutralization of the variation of each item’s weight with respect to the global local content commitment.

The official text of the Resolution, in Portuguese, can be accessed by clicking here​.

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