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ANP releases preliminary versions of tender protocol and concession agreements for Permanent Offer

Oil and Gas

Natural e Biocombustíveis - "ANP") released the preliminary versions of the tender protocol and concession agreements for the Permanent Offer of Blocks with Exploratory Risk and Areas with Marginal Accumulations. These documents (in Portuguese only) are available on ANP's website.

For the purposes of further assessment, it was also disclosed that there will be a public hearing and a public consultation on the matter. The hearing is scheduled to take place on May 30, 2018. Although the time and place are still to be defined, it will be possible to present a pre-registration form to [email protected] , by May 28, 2018, at 6 p.m.

The public consultation will be available for 30 days ending on May 28, 2018. The engagement will be possible through the submission of this participation form to [email protected] during such period.
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