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Anatel launches public consultation to foster Internet of Things (IOT)


On September 11, 2018, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) launched Public Consultation No. 31/2018 to receive contributions from the general public regarding the review of telecommunication regulations with respect to Internet of Things (IOT) and machine-to-machine communication (M2M) solutions in Brazil.

The Public Consultation derives from a decision from Anatel Directing Council to include in the 2017-2018 Regulatory Agenda the review of telecommunications laws in order to reduce regulatory barriers to the expansion of IOT and M2M technologies, as provided for in Ordinance No. 491/ 2017. The review will include rules on standards for service quality, licensing of telecommunication stations, and customer service. 

Anatel has scheduled to conduct all studies necessary for the conclusion of the Regulatory Impact Analysis (Análise de Impacto Regulatório – AIR) regarding IOT and M2M by the end of 2018. If any, the suggestions prepared by the Agency's technical bodies will be forwarded to the Directing Council for discussion and approval.

The key issues to be discussed in the Public Consultation are, as follows:

  1. transparency of telecommunications regulations and applicable licensing model;
  2. rules governing the provision of services and consumer rights;
  3. taxation and licensing of telecommunications stations;
  4. use of numbering resources;
  5. standards for assessing compliance to Anatel regulations by IOT service providers;
  6. allocation of radiofrequency spectrum; and
  7. measures to ensure the availability of infrastructure and supply of goods and services for the expansion of IoT technologies. 

Contributions to the Public Consultation must be submitted through Anatel online Public Consultation Monitoring System (Sistema de Acompanhamento de Consultas Públicas – SACP) by October 12, 2018.