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Pedro Eroles

Pedro Eroles
11 3147 8592 pedro.eroles@mattosfilho.com.br São Paulo – Paulista


​Pedro is a specialist in advisory topics for financial institutions, payment institutions, fintechs and in highly diverse types of transactions involving regulated entities, such as those involving local and cross-border financing, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and debt transactions. 


He is a consultant for the Journal of the General Counsel for the Central Bank of Brazil and coordinator of Volumes 1-5 of the collection “Fintechs, Digital Banks and Means of Payment: Regulatory Aspects of New Financial Technologies” and the book “Cryptoassets – Regulatory and Tax studies” (freely translated), both published by Quartier Latin.


Bachelor of Laws – University of São Paulo (USP)

Master of Laws – University of São Paulo (USP)

Doctor of Laws – University of São Paulo (USP)

Postdoctoral Researcher in International Law – Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

Visiting Scholar – Edinburgh Law School, United Kingdom.


Análise Advocacia 500 – Regulatory, Financial, Technology (2020)

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