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Mattos Filho 100% Pro bono

The work on pro bono cases of public interest and with social impact is part of Mattos Filho’s history and culture

  • ​Starting two decades ago, Mattos Filho has dedicated itself to providing free legal services to civil society organizations and, since Brazil’s Bar Association amended its Code of Ethics, in 2016, the firm has also been working to help individuals in socially and economically vulnerable conditions.

    The Mattos Filho 100% pro bono practice was created in 2018 as a way to expand the firm’s activity, combining the work of a team dedicated exclusively to cases in the public interest with the firm’s other professionals. With this approach, Mattos Filho hopes that the initiative contributes to expanding access to justice in Brazil.

    The 100% pro bono practice has two partners and a full time senior lawyer who works with a team of lawyers and trainees. In addition, each of our offices has at least one partner responsible for pro bono cases. Acceptance of new clients and cases is carried out by a committee made up of five partners from different practices.

    Practice areas

    The Mattos Filho 100% pro bono team works on three main fronts: the promotion and defense of human rights; the strengthening of civil society organizations; and the stimulation of citizenship and improvement of public policies.

    Alongside human rights organizations, we offer free legal services to those in situations of social and economic vulnerability, focusing on the rights of women, the LGBTI+ population and refugees, as well as on the areas of criminal justice and racial and ethnic rights.

    We also support litigations actions and advocacy and offer research for prominent cases that have repercussions both in Brazil, and as internationally.

    To strengthen civil society, we provide assistance to organizations and groups at their initial stages in matters relating to corporate, tax, labor, regulatory and intellectual property. We also provide pro bono services to organizations that seek to improve public management and policies, through projects that stimulate citizenship and create innovative digital platforms for exercising democracy.

  • ​Our partners

    In Brazil, we have established partnerships with renowned human rights organizations, such as the ANIS Institute – Bioethics, Gender and Human Rights, the Instituto Pro Bono, the Instituto Igarapé, the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Caritas Refugee Centers, the Peace Mission, Geledés – Instituto da Mulher Negra and Casa 1, among others.

    We are also part of the governance council and publish legal papers for the Together for the Sustainable Development Program, wich is led led by Comunitas. Counting with leading entrepreneurs and present throughout many of the country’s states and cities, this program follows the development of projects aimed at expanding the institutional capacities of the government through more inclusive and democratic policies.

    At the international level, the firm collaborates with The Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice, an organization that is consulted by the United Nation Organization’s economic and social council. We also collaborate with the Center for Reproductive Rights, renowned for its defense of women’s rights, and are members of the the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s TrustLaw international network, which brings together firms from 170 countries that provide pro bono assistance to organizations and projects generating social impact.

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