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Private client

Brazil Law Firm of the Year, Chambers & Partners 2020

  • ​Mattos Filho Private Client practice offers the following services:

    • Analysis of clients assets;

    • Recommendation of new legal structures involving family business or corporate governance;

    • Implementation of structures that generate greater efficiency in individuals; assets;

    • Counseling regarding specific strategies and precautions in anticipation of transactions.

    Corporate Aspects

    • Legal assistance in corporate restructuring (spin-offs, mergers and corporate transformations) of companies under family control for succession purposes, tax planning or asset organization;

    • Advisory services concerning the constitution of: (i) investment vehicles, and (ii) companies with properties or holdings in Brazil and/or abroad;

    • Analysis of the benefits of issuing preferred non-voting stock or shares with special rights (golden shares) within the scope of the holding company;

    • Preparation of shareholder/quotaholder's agreements governing the relationship between partners for deliberations, elections of management bodies and redemption of shares/quotas, preferred share rights and buy and sell options.

  • Family and Succession Aspects

    • Preparation of prenuptial agreements, common law marriage agreements, dissolutions and creation of family assets;

    • Preparation of wills observing potential corporate acts should the family own shares in operating or holding companies;

    • Preparation of all necessary documentation regarding loss of capacity and appointment of trustees;

    • Analysis of donation or institution of usufruct rights on properties or companies shares;

    • Initiating court proceedings to amend marital property regimes.

    • Preparation of out-of-court and court supervised inventories;  

    • Assistance with preparation of divorce papers.

    Tax and Regulatory Aspects

    • Analyzing families and individuals assets in order to propose tax efficient structures for the income generated by their assets;

    • Assisting with payment of taxes levied on donations in life;

    • Analyzing and recommending the constitution of investment funds and preparation of the funds regulations;

    • Legal opinions regarding distribution of resources abroad and expert guidance in the filing of the Brazilian declaration of assets held abroad.

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