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Electric power

We provide legal assistance to investors and companies throughout the electric power sector

  • Our services include:

    · Legal assistance with audits and contract negotiations for acquisitions and sale of companies or projects (conventional or renewable);

    · Regulatory legal advice for clients in the electric power sector, including regulations issued by the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE) and National System Operator (ONS) grid procedures;

    · Representation of clients before public authorities and agencies related to tax, disciplinary and prior consent proceedings, assistance with responding to terms of notification, appealing administrative rulings and infraction notices, petitions, consultations and responses to government authorities; 

  • · Assistance with the implementation of construction projects for generating electricity, power lines and distribution installations;

    · Preparation and negotiation of agreements related to power company activities, such as concessions, construction, assembly, Agreement for Use of Transmission/Distribution System (CUST/CUSD), Connection Agreements to Transmission/Distribution Grid (CCT/CCD), Supply of Equipment, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Gas Supply (GSA), and energy trade options;

    · Assistance with negotiating project finance and structuring of financing from capital markets;

    · Collaborating with Mattos Filho's other specialized practice areas for any other legal matters specific to the electricity sector.

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